Neutrino faster than light, blow or breakthrough ?

The OPERA team has finally come out with positive results in their speed test – Neutrino vs Light.

After months of patient and accurate testing, the team went public and told everyone that neutrino’s travel faster than light and the difference is just 60 nanoseconds. Well you may wonder what difference these 60 nanoseconds make, but let me assure you that this breakthrough disproves some of the greatest scientists of all time who had once stated, ” Nothing can travel at the speed of light or faster ” .

Innumerable successful theories based on this fundamental theory, now stands on slippery ground.
Many physicists across the globe oppose this experimental result as we speak.

One thing i know not yet is, if this result is accepted worldwide, physics will face a blow or a breakthrough ?

One thought on “Neutrino faster than light, blow or breakthrough ?

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