The “Mars Space Laboratory” Program

File:Msl20110519 PIA14156-full.jpg

The wait will finally be over today. The hard work of numerous people working at NASA will be put to test today.
It is for this day that these people have worked so hard for many years. The MSL is scheduled to launch today between 10am and 11.45 am (EST) and is estimated to land on mars between August 6 and August 20, 2012.

This new rover, “Curiosity” is claimed to be the most sophisticated rover till date. The rover will be carried by the Atlas V541. The landing site is “Gale Crater”
Curiosity will be doing a lot of analysis on different components of the land as well as the atmosphere in a detailed manner, but to make it simple, i would say that the main job of Curiosity would be to study the geology,atmosphere and to determine if life ever existed on this red Martian rock. Its expected to last for one Martian year and explore more land than the “spirit” or the “opportunity”.

The Curiosity, equipped with sophisticated instruments, computers and a variety of cameras, would definitely send us tons of new information that we know not yet, about the Red Martian Rock.

(Source for facts and photograph : Wikipedia )

The making :

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