At the end of the day

Remember when you were 10, everyone asked you, “What will you do when you become BIG?”, to which you might have answered with great excitement, “Superman, Cinderella, Painter, Doctor,…” , or anything that fascinated you the most.
Ever noticed how your imagination and dreams shrunk day by day and when you were asked the same question at the age of 30, you just want a job with big ass pay and medical insurance. I mean, “SERIOUSLY ?”.
It’s as if the aim of life is to accumulate a shit load of money before you die, which will be passed on to the next generation and the generations to come.
Of course you have made a lot of money, lived in luxurious villas, dined at the finest hotels, but one fine day when you turn back, all you see is decades of desk job and an unfulfilled dream.
At the end of the day, you need to do what you love and all you need is four walls and a good sleep. Some food of course, to keep you and your dreams alive.

2 thoughts on “At the end of the day

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