My best friend, Rocky


   He’s funny, he’s ferocious. He’s got golden brown fur like the morning rays. Eyes like little marbles which respect and love me for what i am. He loves to play ball and many a times does he fall. He likes bun,biscuits and eggs too, but chooses to stay hungry if I’m away for a day or two. He doesn’t wear a watch, but always aware of time. In the evening when i come home, he’s always at the gate, waiting to pounce ,like the tiger in calvin and hobbes. His love is so pure and selfless. When we go to bed, he stares at me for a while. I do not know what he’s thinking. I think I do know what he expects from me tomorrow. Maybe an early morning walk, or play fetch, by the beach, a nice hug, and some more fetch, Maybe . . .

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