The lady in red

I was soaking in rain all afternoon and was returning home from a book sale. Huge potholes on the road gave a crack in the spine every now and then. Water continued to pour from above, and the road ahead was blocked. Vehicles rushing in from every direction, people honking and yelling at the person in front, to move faster. After a few moments of struggle in the traffic, I was stuck. The signal ahead was Red, all engines shut down and the silence was definitely peaceful.

As I looked around, I found a bus stand to the far left of the road. A few feet behind me, I spotted a lady on the far right. She wore a Red saree with yellow border and carried a small blue bag in her left hand. I continued to look at her as she was the only one emanating colour in such a grey scene. Vehicles continued to move on her side of the road and she stood there looking at the bus stand as she wiped her face with a napkin.
After a few seconds, the expression on her face changed. She looked relieved and worried at the same time. I turned my gaze to the other side and noticed that a bus had just arrived. I looked ahead and the signal was green. I looked back and she was walking fast to catch the bus. The vehicle behind me honked and I started moving. I moved as slow as I could, keeping my eyes fixed on her. She was almost near the bus, when the bus slowly started to move ahead. In the closing moments of the scene, a big white truck blocked my view and I could not see if she caught the bus.
The person behind me was now furious that I was moving at a slow pace. I moved fast and joined the vehicles ahead of me and looked back again, but my view was still blocked.

I’m not sure whether she caught the bus or not, but I like to think that she caught the bus and was on her way home to join her family.

3 thoughts on “The lady in red

  1. The article is good in the sense that the language looks very natural. But a photo of the lady in red would have communicated a good meaning.


    Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 17:45:16 +0000 To:

  2. I agree with ur dad 🙂 but I still can picturise it… Only that I wonder how far she was from the bus when it started moving …

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