Pillion rider “killed” in Delhi, India

A 19 year old pillion was shot by Delhi police on Sunday morning.


A group of bikers were performing stunts near Windsor palace. The police arrive there around 2.30 am. They claim that the bikers injured them by pelting stones. One gunman reacted by firing “at the tyre of a bike” (or so he claims), but the bullet hit the pillion rider and he was declared dead at the hospital.
Something doesn’t seem right here. I strongly feel that the truth has been tailored to match the needs of the Delhi police. Then the misfiring by a policeman takes the life of a young biker. It clearly shows the naivety of the policemen. They are given guns for a specific reason and not to puncture bike tires with them. The distance between the bike tire and the point of bullet impact would approximately be 2 feet. Such large error in aim clearly shows the lack of training (assuming it was just a misfiring but I strongly feel otherwise).
A year back BSF (Border Security Force) fought drug smugglers with non lethal weapons on India-Bangladesh border. RAF (Rapid Action Force) has also recently announced that they will be using non-lethal weapons to control riots henceforth.

The nuisance that might have been created by the biker gang is of small magnitude and could have been easily sorted out by means of lathi charge or any other non lethal methods. It’s a shame that Delhi police have employed such lethal force to dismiss a group of young bikers. The gunman responsible for this “Killing” should be investigated thoroughly.

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