The Lunch Box

Hungry wolves scan through the desert, in search for anything edible. At the sight of food, they run sticking their tongues out hoping to get the biggest share of the pack.

This desert is my classroom, and the wolves, my friends. Like few others, I too take lunchbox to college everyday. When I had first joined college, I had hoped that I would be eating my lunch peacefully. But in reality, the lunch break scene is like one of those world war movies. People are running towards me from all directions. Some are even attacking from the back, trying to snatch away my precious food. One moment I look to the side and the next moment my box is gone! Disappeared into the battlefield.

Shilpa yelling from one side, Sushma trying to eat as much as she can quickly, Sachin snatching the box from Shilpa and running across the room. By the time Gurman thinks the lunch looks cute and shouts “Eeeeeeeeee sooo prettieeee”, the lunch is gone, and so are the wolves.

I just sit there with few others who lost their lunch box, and look at the emptiness of the box. It looks so clean, like someone just licked it completely.
As I put the lid back on the lunchbox, I think to myself, “Well its been cleaned so well, my mother wont have to wash it”.

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