Bangalorean in Chennai – 1

The journey of an Aeronautical Engineer from Bangalore, through the extra hot and sweaty regions of Chennai

I finished my exams on June 9, 2014 and I had to relocate to Chennai  for work. I just had a weeks time to relax and do my shit, and even before I could realise I was free, I had to get my ass to Chennai and report for work. WTF !

I whined all the way and somehow dragged myself to work. It’s just been two days, and everything seems fine. But the place Chennai, Fuck!
I’ve visited Chennai many times and I’ve got nothing against the city. I like the place, but the heat and humidity makes me sweat a lot. I can even feel drops of sweat trickling down my spine, which move further down, and it feels Fucking weird and uncomfortable. Also, the air I breathe feels so warm and humid.

I know the local language (Tamil), and thus have no trouble whatsoever, in navigating around the city or getting things done. Today was a holiday (probably the one and only non-working saturday for me, this quarter), and I rushed back home (Bangalore), to get few things and finish some unfinished work. The air here seems so amazing! I love how the cold air hits my face as I ride my motorcycle. Also, It’s great to eat homemade food.

Tomorrow, once again I shall get back to Chennai and resume the sweaty journey that awaits me!

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