The Pigeons of Banashankari

My mother and I started sprinkling grains on our terrace many weeks back. The very next day we saw that the grains were still there. Without losing hope, we waited many days. Finally one Pigeon showed up. Very soon we had many visitors. But they all were still scared of us. They would just sit on the wall and never come down to eat, unless we left them alone.

Its been almost a month now, and we are visited by almost 30 pigeons in the morning and evening. Every morning my mother and I love to see them waiting for us to feed them.

Here are some photos from my phone.


This is no moon walker, its a sun walker.


These birds damaged my broadband wire last week


The guardian angel


They fly away hearing my dog bark. (We leash him while feeding the pigeons)


Fly back home, and come again tomorrow.

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