Road trip to Mandalpatti – Madikeri

The last time I went on a trip with school friends was during school, after which we never found the perfect time to travel together. Over the past few years many plans were drafted, but unfortunately none of them were executed.

After years of procrastination, we came up with an idea to head to Madikeri. Madikeri is a hill station town in Karnataka State, and the headquarters of the district Kodagu. It’s also known as Mercara and is around 250 kilometres from Bangalore, Karnataka (That’s where we hail from). My school friends Anurag, Pavan, Vijay, Vaibhaav and I were supposed to embark on this short adventure (sort of). Unfortunately Vaibhaav couldn’t make it on the big day, so the rest of us decided to go ahead with the plan. Pavan’s brother Badri, and cousin Guru decided to tag along as well. This guy Pavan has a big ass SUV, the Mahindra Scorpio. We opened the doors, got in and drove away into the dreadful Bangalore traffic ! We reached our destination eventually and here are some pictures from my camera.

The A-Team : Left to right – Me, Vijay, Pavan, Anurag
True fact – Some of us have spent more time in front of the principal’s office serving detentions, than in a classroom!

Sunrise at Mandalpatti, one of the best tourist spots in Madikeri.

That’s Guru, and this is the view from Mandalpatti.

View from Mandalpatti.DSC_0108

Silhouette during sunrise (as simple as that!)

Pavan’s big ass SUV!

Random Chit chat and some photography happening here.

That’s Badri with our ride.

The Mahindra Scorpio (in Black and White)

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