Diving in ICELAND – Travel documentary

Diving in the “Silfra fissure” had been my dream for almost 5 years now. Ever since I had read an article about it in the National Geographic magazine, I never stopped thinking about it. The winter of 2016, I finally got my chance to throw myself into the freezing waters of Silfra!

Silfra Fissure is located in the Pingvellir national park, in Iceland. It was formed due to the drifting of tectonic plates (Eurasian plate and the North American Plate). The plates drift about 2 cms apart each year, because of which there is tension buildup, and this tension is relieved in the form of earthquakes.

The Silfra dive site offers clear waters (visibility greater than 50 metres). The water is so clear that when you’re inside, you feel like you’re floating in space, and the water is drinkable! The water temperature is just above freezing (around 1 to 2 degree celsius) and the surface temperature is either minus, or plus, depending on the season. An important thing to note, is that a valid diving license is required for diving at this site. A PADI open water diving license or an equivalent SSI certification is required. Dry suit diving experience is recommended but not mandatory. According to me, you’d be better off with some dry suit experience, else you’ll just lose your buoyancy and bump from one continent to the other (like I did, during my dive). Nevertheless, it was a life changing experience for me and I realised that to experience something mind numbingly beautiful, one has to go through some pain first! Here’s a small documentary on Silfra fissure that I made,



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