Experiencing the French Culture

I’ve been in Poitiers(France) for a month and have met many amazing people here. I want to introduce you to an amazing couple, Jeannie and Joel. Jeannie was a primary school teacher and Joel, a supervisor/Manager in a shop. They’re both retired now and they just travel to different parts of the world to make pictures and experience new cultures and learn from them. Yesterday, they invited my friend and I to spend a day with them. We visited a really nice photo festival based on the theme “Humanity”, after which we were offered a traditional French dinner. I must say the food was pretty delicious, and their hospitality, amazing! 
They have a simple home filled with a lot of plants, which are souvenirs from various parts of the world, and also a camping car to go on bold adventures across Europe. We look forward to meeting them again soon.

When you are thousands of miles from home and a stranger makes an effort to make your stay comfortable, it is very heartwarming!

Here are some pictures.


Jeannie and Joel in their beautiful garden


A delicious meal

Long Distance Relationship with Rocky

It’s been two weeks since I left home and I miss Rocky, and he misses me as well. So here we are !

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 15.39.55

Bonjour from France

My friends and I have moved to Poitiers, France to pursue our Masters in Aeronautical Engineering. It’s been three days and we are in love with the place. Here are a few pictures. 


Arrived in Paris and no trains to Poitiers in the evening. So we just went to bed at the TGV station in the airport.

 Finally arrived at the university after going through some serious shit!


On the way to Poitiers

 Poitiers downtown. Beautiful buildings and narrow streets.

My friend trying to get a good picture

 The memorial honouring the Resistance.


The view from my window every morning

Another window picture

Home is a state of mind and that’s where we’re headed now!

Thoughts from a Window sill

I’m leaving for my Masters in a month and figured I’d spend some time with my father before I leave. He’s off to work early and I’m home alone until dusk. I’ve been cooking, washing vessels, cleaning the house and trying to stay productive. All this work keeps me occupied and it feels like a lot of work sometimes. Until now I’ve never realised the importance of the fact that my mother had given up her career to take care of us and manage the house, and has been doing it for decades now. I sit on the window sill and contemplate a mother’s patience & perseverance, and the things she sacrifices, for her family’s well being.  

Love story during 3rd grade

During our road trip, I got to meet my primary school classmate, in Kochi. Chacko and I were classmates during Primary school, in Kerala. We had a crush on a really cute girl, and fought regularly about it. This guy always sat next to her and I never got a chance to sit next to her. I used to follow her all around the campus and this guy too, used to follow her. Once I was outraged and when I asked him “Why do you keep following her?”, he replied, “I don’t know” and gave me a big smile. That was the day I hit him. The teacher punished me and we didn’t talk for many days. In the one year that I studied in Kerala, I spoke to her only twice. Once to borrow a sharpener or a pencil, and then on the last day of school, when I finally walked up to her and said “I want to sit next to you today”. I sat next to her that day!

Over the years Chacko and I stayed in touch by writing letters, then emails, and then came all this social networking crap. And 15 years later, here we were talking about all this just like it was yesterday. Despite the big fight we had when we were 8 years old, he let my brother and I sleep at his place for the night. That’s what kindhearted people do right? 😀

P.S – Presently I’m in touch with the girl and my best friend/enemy, Chacko.

That’s Chacko and I (left to right).