The mysterious bath tub

The mysterious bathtub. This was one of the most interesting finds in a lake in Switzerland. A bathtub suspended midwater, anchored to the ground. Also, it’s filled with air.

More from Versailles, France.

My friend admiring a statue near Chateau du Versailles, France.

Lake near the Chateau du Versailles.

A walk in the garden, Versailles.

Portraits on the wall.

Versailles garden.

Diving in Bali, Indonesia

I had been to Bali recently, exclusively for diving, and during the two weeks that I was there, I have dived every single day. The waters offer good diversity in terms of aquatic life, great visibility, beautiful dive sites for all skill levels. I was able to dive in almost all the dive sites in Padang Bai, Nusa Penida, Gili Tepykong, Gili Selang. However, I wasn’t able to dive in Tulamben where the famous liberty ship wreck is present, due to the active volcano. All my dives were with “Adventure Scuba Diving Bali”, a 5 star PADI dive centre, with amazing instructors from different parts of the world. Here are some pictures from my dives. All pictures were taken using a gopro hero 5.

A hawksbill sea turtle feeding on coralscreenshot-7
A school of yellow snappersIMG_0644Mr. Sting Ray blending in with the surroundings.

Snapseed 20
Lost dreams
Snapseed 12
A diver waits for the submarine Odyssey to pass
Snapseed 18
A Hawksbill sea turtleSnapseed 15
A diver swims over a small nest of fishes.Snapseed 17
A picture with the gentle giants, Mantas.Snapseed 3
Lost dreamsscreenshot3 2
Dancing with the fishesbali_day1_28
A beautiful box fishbali_day1_22
An old Buddha statueSnapseed 14
Filming CatfishesSnapseed 19
Up close and personal with a Manta RaySnapseed 7
Bamboo reef sharkSnapseed 4
More Mantas visiting diversSnapseed 11
At one of my favourite dive sites in Bali, the Jetty.screenshot copy
At the JettyIMG_0476Two weeks of diving comes to an end, and I return home with stories to tell.

Diving in the Mediterranean

I was in Golfe Juan (near Cannes) for 10 days this summer, exclusively for diving, and I must say it is a great place for diving! I dived with the most popular dive centre of this region, “Diamond Diving”. The … Continue reading

HELP 2 – A thriller short film


My friends and I made this film during our exams this year, and here’s the final output.

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