Bonjour from France

My friends and I have moved to Poitiers, France to pursue our Masters in Aeronautical Engineering. It’s been three days and we are in love with the place. Here are a few pictures. 


Arrived in Paris and no trains to Poitiers in the evening. So we just went to bed at the TGV station in the airport.

 Finally arrived at the university after going through some serious shit!


On the way to Poitiers

 Poitiers downtown. Beautiful buildings and narrow streets.

My friend trying to get a good picture

 The memorial honouring the Resistance.


The view from my window every morning

Another window picture

Home is a state of mind and that’s where we’re headed now!

The unmanned aerial vehicle

My friends and I, from Dayananda sagar college of engineering built these aeromodels for an event at Van nuys, California from 12 to 14 of this month.

Now you know why my site was dormant all these days.
We will be flying these planes at Van Nuys very soon. It’s also my first visit to USA, so stay tuned for a lot of photographs.