Happy new year – Bikers style

People across the globe welcoming the new year in a number of ways. Well, this is our way of welcoming the new year. My friend and I headed out for a ride as early as we could and we rode till we saw the first rays of the sun.
P.S: It’s been a year since i got my bike. So it was one big celebration ride.

Here are some images.


Looks like the Auroras, doesn’t it?


Happy new year 2013 !!


Happy birthday to my bike 😀


I’d rather be riding thinking about god, than sitting in a church thinking about my motorcycle.


Give me a beautiful sunrise, and i can walk undisturbed.

The great Himalayan Bike Expedition

Ive returned from the Bike expedition that we started on 29th of June, 2012.

Here’s the link to all the photographs : http://tinyurl.com/clfmazv

The Leh Team

9 brave bikers embark on a quest to ride some of the most challenging passes of the Himalayan range.

Its a dream for every biker to ride “The Highest motorable road in the world” , the ” Khardung La “, and these 9 bikers will be living their dream June 29-July 18.

In case you’ve not noticed, the person on the top right corner (in the below picture) is your very own “Active Idler”. I would be posting live updates to the blog throughout our adventurous journey and you can follow them by just clicking the “stay connected” button on the right hand side of the blog.

Here’s “The Leh Team” ,