Ordered chaos


My mind is a complete mess, it has always been! The entropy increases constantly and at times, I’m perplexed, trying to bring an order to all this chaos. I find it hard to decide upon what’s important, what’s not, things that I have to do, and the things that I want to do. There are just too many options lying around, and sometimes, I want to do them all. I don’t know if I can try to understand this chaos, but I sure would love to flow with it and see where it takes me!

Shooting on Film

There was a Kodak TRI-X 400 that I had shot sometime during April-May 2014. Finally got that roll developed and here are few images from the set. And Yes, I’m one of those who still love to shoot on film.


A self portrait


Chemicals lined up on the table, ready to develop film!


National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore.


My pet, and my second brother Rocky!


My mother with Rocky.


A flock of birds, high up in the sky.


Few of my best friends from college.