Experiencing the French Culture

I’ve been in Poitiers(France) for a month and have met many amazing people here. I want to introduce you to an amazing couple, Jeannie and Joel. Jeannie was a primary school teacher and Joel, a supervisor/Manager in a shop. They’re both retired now and they just travel to different parts of the world to make pictures and experience new cultures and learn from them. Yesterday, they invited my friend and I to spend a day with them. We visited a really nice photo festival based on the theme “Humanity”, after which we were offered a traditional French dinner. I must say the food was pretty delicious, and their hospitality, amazing! 
They have a simple home filled with a lot of plants, which are souvenirs from various parts of the world, and also a camping car to go on bold adventures across Europe. We look forward to meeting them again soon.

When you are thousands of miles from home and a stranger makes an effort to make your stay comfortable, it is very heartwarming!

Here are some pictures.


Jeannie and Joel in their beautiful garden


A delicious meal