Ganesh Visarjan at Girgaon Chowpatty, MUMBAI



Lord Ganesha emerging from thick smoke (It was an incredible sight).

The last day of Ganesh Chaturthi – Anant Chaturdashi, probably attracts more crowd than any rock concert. Lakhs of people witness the visarjan/immersion of over 6000 Ganesh idols in the sea.
47000 policemen along with the Indian military stood guard for the Ganesh Visarjan procession in Mumbai this year. Also thousands of volunteers from various NGO’s supported this main event. Hundreds of life guards were stationed all across the immersion points. Numerous roads blocked, watch towers established almost everywhere, and the bomb squads were on constant alert. I have never seen a city so well guarded. There were cops in every fucking corner! 

         Lakhs of people that witnessed the event, I too stood amongst them trying to imbibe the festive mood around me. Sweat dripping from every inch of my body, unable to push forward or move backward, I did manage to lift my camera and click some pictures as well.


The coast guard continuously monitors the events on land as the people look on.


More and more people flooding the Girgaon Chowpatty.


The Ganesh Idols being carried into the sea at Girgaon Chowpatty


A devotee pushing people aside to make way for the Ganapati Maharaj.


Ganapati Maharaj being carried into the sea.


So many people, and so many many cameras (or should I say cellphones?).


People waiting to see more Ganesh Idols.


The Ganesh with trishul being brought in, a man nearby looks at a different Ganapati further ahead.


Lights, Camera, Action!


A kid sitting her father’s shoulder watching the visarjan.


More and more Ganesh idols coming in for Visarjan.


Vehicles have nowhere to go. People, people everywhere!

Sunrise at The Gateway of India

Sunrise at The Gateway of India

I absolutely love Sunrise and never get bored of it. I clicked this picture at The Gateway of India, Mumbai, today morning and I feel its one of the best pictures of Sunrise I’ve ever captured.

Mornings at Lalbagh Hill, Bangalore

Mornings at Lalbagh Hill, Bangalore

Bangalore lakes – Sankey tank

View on Flickr :

sankey tank panorama

The Indian Hachiko

I had been to Lalbag (A botanical garden in Bangalore, India) today and as I walking around the park, I noticed this dog sitting there and looked lost. I walked around the park for about an hour and when I returned, this dog was still here waiting for someone. When I went near, he stood up, went aside, sad down once again and continued to wait. Reminds me of Hachiko. I will go again tomorrow at the same time and see if he’s still sitting around.


Elegant Curves

The Gata loops in Ladakh, India.