The South Indian Road Trip – 2015

My brother and I started driving from Bangalore on 19 July 2015. We completed our road trip today after covering 2260 kms (1400 miles).

The places we covered were,

  • Madurai
  • Rameshwaram
  • Dhanushkodi
  • Kanyakumari
  • Alappuzha (Alleppy)
  • Munnar
  • Kochi
  • Wayanad
  • Madikeri

Here’s our route map for the 7 day 2000 km journey.

West coast road trip 2015

More photos soon.

Love story during 3rd grade

During our road trip, I got to meet my primary school classmate, in Kochi. Chacko and I were classmates during Primary school, in Kerala. We had a crush on a really cute girl, and fought regularly about it. This guy always sat next to her and I never got a chance to sit next to her. I used to follow her all around the campus and this guy too, used to follow her. Once I was outraged and when I asked him “Why do you keep following her?”, he replied, “I don’t know” and gave me a big smile. That was the day I hit him. The teacher punished me and we didn’t talk for many days. In the one year that I studied in Kerala, I spoke to her only twice. Once to borrow a sharpener or a pencil, and then on the last day of school, when I finally walked up to her and said “I want to sit next to you today”. I sat next to her that day!

Over the years Chacko and I stayed in touch by writing letters, then emails, and then came all this social networking crap. And 15 years later, here we were talking about all this just like it was yesterday. Despite the big fight we had when we were 8 years old, he let my brother and I sleep at his place for the night. That’s what kindhearted people do right? :D

P.S – Presently I’m in touch with the girl and my best friend/enemy, Chacko.

That’s Chacko and I (left to right).  

Boating in Alappuzha (Alleppy) Kerala

Public ferry is a common mode of transport along the backwaters of Alleppy,Kerala. My brother and I took a walk along the docking station and here are few pictures.

A ferry docked at its station.

 Docking area for ferries and houseboats.

In the foreground, A ferry carrying tourists cruises by. In the background, people wait at the stop for a public ferry, to get to their destination.

 A ferry carrying tourists along the Alleppy backwaters.

Dhanushkodi – The ghost town

Ruins of the church at Dhanushkodi. This was a happy town before the cyclone consumed the entire place in 1964. No ones lived here since then. Now it’s a tourist spot and there are small stalls selling refreshments. All that remains are the ruins of what existed when this was a happy place filled with life.